Planing Machine for Conveyor Belt

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Model No.: Planing Machine for Conveyor Belt

Product Description

The planing machine for conveyor belt is the supporting equipment of the heavy-duty strap-clinching machine for stripping the cover glue on the belt fastener. After the stripping of the cover glue and the fixing of fasteners, the surface of the tape and the surface of the belt are horizontally plane, which effectively alleviates the abrasion and damage to the roller and carrier roller and reduces the abrasion of the fasteners itself to enhance durability.
Installation and Operation Guidance of the Planing Machine:
Insert the planing machine into the template of the strap-clinching machine. It can enter automatically when you rotate the jointed arm. During the installation or disassembling process, move the blade holder to the top to avoid hitting the bottom of the rack.
Loosen the fastening bolts and adjust the height of the blade holder. Make sure that the bottom of the blade holder is closely attached to the surface of the belt. The thickness of the cover glue stripped depends on the compression degree. Then tighten the bolt.
Rotate the jointed arm to strip the cover glue. When the planing machine moves the edge of the rack, make sure that the blade holder stays away from the bottom of the rack.


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